We deliver lunar payloads reliably & affordably.

OrbitBeyond’s lunar services are based on an extensible engineering platform, enabling commercial and scientific delivery at an unmatched scale and cost.

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We Are ORBITBeyond

ORBITBeyond is a lunar transportation, infrastructure and exploration services company. We are approved by NASA to provide lunar orbit and surface payload deliveries via the Commercial Lunar Payload Services(CLPS) program.

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Our proprietary technologies

High TRL Lunar Lander with ~500kg payload

Space industry experts recognise OrbitBeyond’s proprietary Lunar Landing Vehicle (LLV) as best in-class.

Earth-to-Moon Relay Communications

OrbitBeyond's satellite solutions acting as intermediaries between ground stations on Earth and the Moon.

Lunar Power Generation & Distribution

Dynamic power generation solutions and distribution architectures for harsh, demanding lunar environments.

SOLUTIONS & Services

OBI's Capabilities

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Lunar transport

OrbitBeyond is a reliable and cost-effective provider of lunar payload delivery services for NASA, international space agencies, planetary research organizations and commercial markets. We intend to revolutionize lunar cargo delivery through a regular cadence of missions to the lunar surface, progressively augmenting new capabilities and expanding our portfolio of services to payload developers

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Lunar infrastructure

OrbitBeyond follows an “Infrastructure as a Service” business model. Our strategy is to build lunar infrastructure assets and offer them as a shared/dedicated service commercially to customers. Execution of this strategy will commence with 5G and Edge Computing infrastructure on the lunar surface. We will subsequently extend the “Infrastructure as a Service” model to other types of space infrastructure in future; e.g. surface exploration, habitation, etc.  

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Lunar exploration

The Moon remains a key scientific destination, as an active testbed for In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) activities, an outpost to study the universe and a future spaceport for supporting planetary missions. Levraging our proprietary lander and infrastructure technologies, OrbitBeyond's lunar exploration capabilities span the quantification, extraction and return of resources, as well as supporting the breadth and depth of lunar exploration activities - planned by international space agencies and private companies.

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Aerospace engineering

OrbitBeyond provides a suite of bespoke aerospace engineering services ranging from spacecraft configuration and design, payload accommodation studies and mission planning and operations, to spacecraft assembly integration and testing. Our expert team of infdustry-leading aerospace engineers and subject matter specialists is able to support a wide range of aerospace engineering requirements.


Our proprietary technologies

High TRL Lunar Lander with ~300kg payload

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Earth-to-Moon Relay Communications

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Lunar Power Generation & Distribution

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Our Strategic Alliances


Our experts

Our aerospace engineering and mission control teams comprise over 30 experts in their respective fields – many of whom have previously worked for NASA and other international space agencies