Lunar 5G Network

Lunar 5G Network

"The Lunar Infrastructure Market Is Forecast to Reach $40B by 2040. Payload telemetry and telecommands are critical to lunar activities which is why are deploying 5G"

Not since the Apollo era, has the moon been the target of this many planned missions by both space agencies and private sector companies. NASA as an example, plans to undertake lunar missions that will be both unmanned (using robots) and manned by Astronauts. The space agency is also considering a small orbiting outpost in the next decade. Increasing interest in the moon will eventually culminate in a permanent human presence on the lunar surface. In addition to the need to communicate, astronauts, rovers, and scientific instruments all need to know their location on the moon’s surface - to be able to orientate and move with precision. Similar to terrestrial applications on earth, 5G technology on the lunar surface has the potential to solve the communication challenge and become the network backbone of a lunar economy.

Market Opportunity: Lunar Infrastructure

Orbit Beyond has identified a commercial opportunity to exploit a first mover advantage and deploy a 5G network on the lunar surface, for use by a host of public and private sector clients. We forecast this opportunity would initially generate revenues of $40M-$80M annually - with significant growth potential 10 years post launch.

Our 5G Plan for the Lunar Surface

OrbitBeyond’s planned lunar mission will take place in 2026 and will comprise a international space agency payloads, alongside OrbitBeyond’s own payloads and a number of other private sector lunar payload commitments that we have secured. Orbit Beyond has developed a provisional design for a 5G network on the lunar surface. Our intention is to build, test and transport OrbitBeyond’s proprietary 5G network to the lunar surface as a part of the 2026 mission.

Strategic Alliances

We are currently exploring strategic alliances with partners who share our vision for the lunar economy and wish to collaborate on the commercial development of a proprietary 5G network on the lunar surface - for use by international space agencies and private sector companies.

Lunar 5G Network
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