About us

OrbitBeyond provides reliable, repeatable and affordable payload delivery services to the Moon and cis-lunar space – for both public space agencies and private sector companies. Our evolution of lunar products and services is based on an extensible engineering platform, enabling commercial and scientific delivery capacity at an unmatched scale and cost. Our intellectual property portfolio of lunar transport and infrastructure technologies is recognised as best-in-class by the global market.

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Our vision

The commercial cis-lunar market is projected to grow exponentially over the next 10 years. We believe a cost reduction in accessing the cis-lunar space will spur investment into in-space infrastructure, leading to the creation of new markets for discovering and utilizing resources in space.

Our mission

OrbitBeyond (OBI) is a US commercial lunar transportation, infrastructure and exploration company, positioning itself to be a leading player in the upcoming commercial cislunar market within the next 3 years. We are developing capacity at a scale and cost that will decrease the per kilogram cost of delivery, to the lunar surface and beyond. We intend to revolutionize lunar cargo delivery through a regular cadence of missions to the lunar surface. Our objective is to make the in-space economy both commercially more accessible and fully sustainable in the future by:

  1. Making lunar transportation reliable and repeatable
  2. Reducing payload delivery costs through increased frequency
  3. Continually enhancing payload capacity over multiple missions
  4. Establishing lunar infrastructure access via pay-per-use models
  5. Proving lunar sample collection and return capabilities

OrbitBeyond Growth Story


Awarded NASA CLPS Master Contract


NASA Task Order TO2 awarded for 40kg payload to the lunar surface - voluntarily withdrawn. NASA Tipping Point NextSTEP Refueling Element Prototype - executed successfully


Upgraded lander design in compliance with NASA guidelines - 100kg payload capacity


Redesigned lander in compliance with NASA guidelines - 300kg+ payload capacity

Core values



We are committed to research and development of new technologies, processes, products and services.



We maintain a posture of iterative, strategic analysis of our target customers and their needs.



OrbitBeyond’s product and service offerings are based on high TRL technologies that are risk mitigated.



OrbitBeyond’s commercial trajectory  is strengthened by the network of strategic partners we have curated.



Regular cadence to the Moon, iteratively achieves greater capacity at an unmatched price for customers.



We aim to establish market leadership through repeated, reliable and affordable payload deliveries.

Our team

Our aerospace engineering and mission control teams comprise over 30 experts in their respective fields – many of whom have previously worked for NASA and other international space agencies